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Zbrush Practical Material Set


Here is the second edition of my Zbrush Practical Material Set that I’ve created a few years ago. I thought of sharing it here since the original post is buried deep on the ZBrush Central forums.

Today I mostly use the real time shaders from the set since they respond to light direction changes and they are a bit more versatile.

Copy the files into the ZStartup\Materials Directory and restart ZBrush

Download: Undoz_ZbrushParticalMatSet.rar



Base Meshes And Primitives


This is a set of base meshes and primitives that I have been using for the last couple of years as a start for my concept sculpts in ZBrush

The models are in OBJ format so feel free to use them your program of choice. 



Download: Undoz_BaseMeshSet.rar