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Exploration Suit - EVE

Concept and game model I recently did for EVE. The idea for the design was based around the planetary exploration theme, while keeping a similar language to the previous Combat Suit. This started with a blockout, then followed with a series of paintovers to establish the flow of the main lines and create a one piece feel between the top and bottom areas.

The highpoly was modeled in ZBrush alongside with Blender for hardsurface parts. 
The textures and the variations for the different factions were done in Substance Painter.


Sleeper Vat Suit - EVE

This suit was designed for Sleeper body that is connected to the Canopic Vat Module I created earlier.
Modeled in ZBrush and rendered in Vray

Male Character Portrait

This is a cinematic character project I have been working on recently. I wanted to explore a few sculpting and detail transfer solutions, along with hair styling workflows between ZBrush and Maya, and skin and hair shading in Vray. 

The hair guides were created in ZBrush using Fibermesh and were used to drive the hairstyle in Maya. The XGen setup is mostly procedural and consists of a couple of modifiers driven by custom expressions that output values based on the hair length. 

The head model was baked in Zbrush with the Multi Map Exporter onto an animation ready mesh, and rendered using displacement maps. 


Combat Suit - High Poly


Highpoly 3D model of the Female Combat Suit from EVE Online. This was used for baking the game model. 

The initial blockout was done in Zbrush. Retopo and detail passes done in Zbrush and Blender. Rendered in Cycles


Sleeper Canopic Vat Module

Concept and highpoly model for EVE. 
Modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot


Vertex - Pattern Drafting in Marvelous Designer and Zbrush 

If you are interested in pattern drafting for custom designs, then you can find an article I wrote in the latest edition of Vertex from Art By Papercut.


Vertex 3 is one of the best CG publications and it’s packed with learning content from professionals in the games industry.

You can download it for free at: http://artbypapercut.com/


Zbrush Hard Surface Retopology

I received a few questions regarding my hard surface modeling workflows in ZBrush and I decided to record a short video showing my workflow of resurfacing a block-out / concept sculpt. 






Dynamesh sketch done last year


Zbrush Practical Material Set


Here is the second edition of my Zbrush Practical Material Set that I’ve created a few years ago. I thought of sharing it here since the original post is buried deep on the ZBrush Central forums.

Today I mostly use the real time shaders from the set since they respond to light direction changes and they are a bit more versatile.

Copy the files into the ZStartup\Materials Directory and restart ZBrush

Download: Undoz_ZbrushParticalMatSet.rar



Base Meshes And Primitives


This is a set of base meshes and primitives that I have been using for the last couple of years as a start for my concept sculpts in ZBrush

The models are in OBJ format so feel free to use them your program of choice. 



Download: Undoz_BaseMeshSet.rar